Just Like Honey

¨ :¨ : ¨ : ¨ : ¨ : ¨ : ¨

“Listen to the girl,

As she takes on half the world,

Moving up and so alive,

In her honey dripping beehive,


It’s good, so good,

It’s so good.”


“So, how’s everything going with Lily?” David asked.

He and Madeleine sat at opposite ends of the black leather sectional sofa, sipping glasses of cabernet sauvignon. David had been working in his studio, and Madeleine had just returned from spending the day in the park with Lily and the dog.

“Really well. Fantastically well, actually. Right now we’re working on long division and studying music history. We finished with Punk and just started on New Romantic. We’re having a lot of fun listening to Duran Duran and Ultravox. ”

“Good lord, that brings back memories. Rather hazy cocaine filled ones,” laughed David.  “I hope I’ve burned all the pictures of me wearing pink lip gloss and open front pirate shirts.”

“They’re all online,” Madeleine informed him. “Lily couldn’t believe that it was you in those pictures, but she was quite taken with the look. ‘It’s like the coolest thing ever!’ she said. Now she wants access to your stage wardrobe.”

“Oh dear! Well, I think there might be a few boxes of frilly things in the attic.” he said.

“It’s all sorted, then,” she joked, “We’ll put on a fabulous fashion show for you!”

There was a brief pause in the conversation, as David looked at Madeleine sitting at the other end of the sofa and imagined her wearing nothing but one of his frilly loose shirts.

Madeleine suddenly became aware of how dirty and unkempt she must look after spending the whole day running around in the park. It had been a chilly but beautiful autumn day. Her cheeks were glowing from the cool air and exercise, making her intensely blue eyes appear even bluer.  She had twisted her dark blonde hair into a loose knot secured by a clip, but half of it was falling out and framing her face with loose tendrils. Of course all of these details did not go unnoticed by David, including the slightly dirty but nicely tight jeans she had been wearing since that morning.

“Speaking of fashion, though, I apologize for not showering or changing before coming down for our meeting. Not very professional, I know.”

Madeleine tried to sit as far away from David as possible so she wouldn’t physically repulse him. Though, at that moment David was thinking that Madeleine was the total opposite of repulsive. She looked flushed and smelled like fresh air and sunshine. And honey.  She was using some kind of body wash that was driving him crazy. He wanted to bury his face between her honey-scented thighs and devour her.

“No, not very professional at all,” he responded with mock disapproval. “Just don’t ever let it happen again.”

“Yes, sir.” she answered, equally mockingly.

“You keep calling me sir, and you’re going to be in some serious trouble, young lady,” he said playfully.

Is that a promise? Thought Madeleine. Then she told herself to back off. He was way too good for her, although she still wondered why he hadn’t made any attempt to bed her since she began working there several weeks ago. He certainly could have any woman he wanted at any time. Yet, he had made no efforts at all. Maybe he just wasn’t interested, even though he seemed to be sending all the familiar signals.

She then reminded herself that nothing could or ever would happen between them. That part of her life was over, so she might as well get it out of her mind right then and there.

“Anyway, this isn’t really a meeting,” said David. “It’s just a chat, which I think could go a lot better if we were sitting a little closer to one another. That way we won’t have to shout at each other across the sofa.”

“I think I’m fine where I am,” said Madeleine.

David did his best to hide his disappointment, as well as other more physical things.


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