Girls Don’t Need No Learnin’

Don’t need no,
And no knowledge,
From a college.

And girls,
Don’t need no,
And no degrees,
From universities.

And girls,
Don’t need no,
And no vocations.
No occupations.

And girls,
Don’t need no,
And no fulfillment.
No enjoyment.

Because girls,
They just need,
And kids,
At least a dozen.

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5 thoughts on “Girls Don’t Need No Learnin’

  1. WTF? I looked at the article and I repeat wtf? I remember in college their was a religious school group and the girls were taught always to be subservient to men, very outdated ideals like in the above article, I was shocked how many academically gifted and sweet girls joined that group. A lot of the girls in that group were being mistreated by their boyfriends but didn’t think they deserved better.

    1. I shouldn’t be surprised that attitudes like this still exist, since they prevail in most of the world, but I am still disgusted by the sexist and misogynistic tone of this blog. Esentially, it argues that your daughter won’t learn anything useful in college, apart from the skills to get a job, but which she won’t use anyway because she’s going to stay home and be a full time wife (naturally) home schooler of her children.

      Oh, and if she marries a man who leaves her then it’s her own damn fault for not choosing a reliable man.

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