Boyfriend on Rye

I know you said you wanted only one.
But it would be a real shame,
To waste all those lovely leftovers.
So let’s save them, shall we?
Grind up all that male chauvinism,
And put it in the freezer.
That way, I can take some out,
Whenever I feel like making you a sandwich.


6 thoughts on “Boyfriend on Rye

    1. Thank you. It sure felt good writing this. It was inspired by a story in the news about a woman whose boyfriend said he’d marry her if she’d make him 300 sandwiches. She interpreted this ridiculous request literally, and is currently on sandwich number 176.

      And chauvinism, c’est un mot français, n’est-ce pas? It probably is a medieval word.

  1. This was the pic in my geeky mind:

    Him: “Sudo make me a sandwich”
    You: “Sure hun, just give me a sec to thaw out that bullshit you love so much”

    Fun poem!

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