Guest Post by Ian



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Ian the poet 2013




Guest post written by my nephew, Ian, for a school poetry assignment.

I remember when I went to Florida over spring break

When I was five I lived in Oregon

When I was ten I was a flower child

When I was twelve I was obsessed with cheese

I remember the first time I won districts in high-jump

I wish I hadn’t been super shy in seventh grade

I know that I talk too much

I remember that nobody hates me; I am loved by everyone

I expect that I will never be good at baseball

I dream about going to regionals in track

I wonder what people first think when they meet me

I think the future will be like the past and present

I hope that my hard work pays off

I want tomorrow to not bore me to tears

I expect money in my future


4 thoughts on “Guest Post by Ian

  1. As an English teacher, I ‘m pretty sure I can tell what the assignment was.

    When I was a child, I read encyclopedias for fun.
    I remember the first poem I wrote for an English class.
    I think it was an acrostic.
    I know it was published in the school magazine.
    I wish I had a copy of it.
    I dream of finding the long lost copy of my high school yearbook.
    I hope you continue to write poetry.
    I expect you will excel at it.

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