First Person Absent


First Person Absent

(This is going someplace else)


(Eyes closed)

Used to have many in-person conversations

with unique fleshy vessels of carbon language

(Head shake)

Now it’s just firing off of statements like bugs

trapped in earth through a vacuum into water


Can you see alien microdots, silent screaming in space

Tiny buzzwords buried in afterbirth of experimentation

their surroundings so sulfurous-shock and unforgiving

all ending with ninety-nine percent dead on impact

(Inquisitive head tilt)

What would the one-percent lab gun living spread tell

(Eyes pop wide)

There’s needful life can live in direst toxic fire and ice

(Arms thrown full open)

Hurtle us your poor, your disrespected, your weary

through longest leagues, and darkest matters

Catapult them with heaviest impact into our rocks

so we shall scoop up the weest survivors of the fall

and within them generate the fine future of life

For they are strongest, and we too shall be empowered



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