The Swedish Seasons

Here in Sweden, we talk about the weather a lot, and we think about it even more. I find it to be a very inspirational topic for poetry. These have all been posted previously, but here they all are in one place, the 2013 poetry of the Swedish seasons:


Winter – Sunshine on the Rocks

Still frozen at Middle March.
Minus thirteen at seven am.
Yet, sunny. Bright azure sky.
Sun shines grey off the rocks.
White in the shadows.
Even its diluted warmth,
Somehow makes me sun drunk.
It penetrates the frigid air,
And mixes a chilly cocktail.
Sunshine and Swedish vodka,
Shaken and served over ice.


Spring – Lost in Transit

Three weeks past the vernal.
The sun shines faithfully,
But barren winter lingers.
Stubbornly prolonging dormancy.
Still feeding on the decay,
Of the previous year.
Not a blade of grass grows,
Nor any flower blooms.
Skeleton trees stand naked,
And leafless in the wind.
Predominant brown denies green.
The flight of spring, delayed.
Though more likely cancelled.


Summer – Aestival Interruptus

Over-excited Autumn,
Came prematurely this year.
Interrupting the gentle,
Warm caresses of Summer.
Shoving her off,
Before she was finished.
And leaving everyone cold,
Wet and disappointed.


 Fall – Summer Leaves

Summer leaves and autumn trees,
Fade to a gold and scarlet mantle.
An ephemeral shroud, pulled down,
To reveal the nakedness of winter.


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