Unexpected Moments in the Sun



Unexpected Moments in the Sun


Where structured neighborhoods

become loose countryside,

paved city streets morph

into chaotic gravel roads.


Where warm cars stretch

spaghetti-like through wheat fields,

losing power and gliding

to awkward stops

under dusty plumes,

youthful passengers emerge

meeting sleepy breezes

with glowing faces.


Where frustrated drivers grunt

while turning useless keys

in useless ignitions,

establishing forcefully

Ford Mercurys

don’t run on sun’s energy,

moments without due notice

ramp up, launching fireworks

of possibility.


Where restless, tired kids

like shiny seas of wheat growing

bloom with the excitement

of unexpected moments,

and run hyper-wild,

feet not fully touching ground,

so light and sharp,

like a samurai’s blade

slashing fresh air,

the inconvenient stopover,

leads to true happiness

on a country road in the sun.




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