I prefer the theatrics of your grin

The way it rends from all disaster

A queer lopsided hopefulness,

As a child believing indiscriminately

In the good of an unworthy world


I have dwelt in the slender rows

Of an ostracizing boneyard,

Disconsolate as an unjustified whim

I have held the dusk in all endeavors

Refuting both dawn and excursion

The mark of death carved into my heart

Like an uncompromising silence,

I have wrested glacial features from

An untimely grave in order to return

In kind that which you have rendered


This is a photo of me looking exceptionally creepy to help you visualize the disturbed girl in the fairytale. The filter is available for free online it warps your face which can create a lovely visual or a freaky one I have both good and horrible photos using it. This is one of the horrible ones haha


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