Armineh Photography
And I believed in you
which made me whole;

once I was whole.

I believed in your voice
and the promise of spring,
the way you pulled me

right to the sun.

The vowels
of our summer
where we hung into sleep

tilted under the same moon.

The moon loved us then;
cloaked us in her silver
and nurtured our swelling sea

of blue and of green.

My own core cracked open
and held safe by
your autumn rain.

I was your paper and ink.

Sewn into your heart’s pocket
folded and unfolded
light leaking and spilling

coating your fingers with each crease caress.

But, it’s the winter
that is the hardest
for I must put my

back to the sea.

And ask the moon
to command her
to wash the the silver
from my skin and my
organs and my eyes

so I can forget
all the tomorrows
still lodged in my throat

and become my own spring.

This gorgeous photo is the creation of the talented and lovely Armineh. Please visit her site at www.armineh-photography.com to be stirred by her fantastic artwork and you’ll see why I’m so honored an grateful to collaborate with her.

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