Dog Water



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Dog Water


This is not about dogs, and

it’s not about water, either.


So don’t box me in, baby.

Titles are like scented candles

in a troll’s giant shit house.


Overwhelmed and pointless.


My ankles, bruised and bloodied,

are far over your hatless heads.


Bark, bark, howl at Richard III

for all commanding genius is mad.


Dog water is drinkable, but

I wouldn’t want to bathe in it.


Twenty-seven minutes ago,

I was curled like a tabby cat

warming my haunches in earth

under leaves by the overpass.


Yes, that same overpass on hwy 16.

It angles like politicians schussing

at a New Year’s Eve celebration

in some exotic winter wonderland.



Those dogs are well watered.


Well water…

runs dry if you don’t raise FUNds.


Or sometimes, a fat zombie gets

all wormy gill-eyed and pale-skinned,

falling apart at your bachelor party

behind the Dumpster at Outback.


Oh, I forgot to say:

Don’t read this; it’s drivel

from a drooling dog.”



Photo by K. Shawn Edgar


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