Watching a Bird Documentary on a Giant TV




Cat Image
Nico by Kim

Inside the living brain,

instinct swims naked.

Don’t try taming its steel;

extend your claws,

anchor your heels,

bang your heart.

Lay your ears flat out

along winter thickened fur,

channeling primal signals

those two-legs have forgotten.

TV birds are only digital images.

Your lust for blood and meat

is older than the written word.

It’s holier than all the demigods,

demigoddesses, saints, and priests.

You were born to dominate

the feathery flying hordes.

Let your sharpest teeth maintain

the avians’ mortal code

by sinking to their vital quick.

Outside; outside; outside!

And into the fight with you,

bravest of the feline heroes.

Bring us back a flightless prize.



•Photo of Nico by Kim | Photo edit by Shawn•

•Shot from my iGun into your bulletproof devices•


4 thoughts on “Watching a Bird Documentary on a Giant TV

  1. Sometimes I wonder what my fat, useless, indoor-only cat would do if a bird ever flew into the house. Would her predatory instincts be activated or would she hide behind the couch?

      1. I think they would. The hunting instinct is hard-wired into their tiny little brains. I used to amuse/torture my cat by playing videos of birds on my big TV, and she would stand up on her little hind legs and swat at them. It was so cute, although it was probably pretty frustrating for her.

        1. A cat’s version of a video game. I think humans are both amused and tortured by our games, and a lot of those involve swatting at screens. Btw, where are your living now? Foreign lands? USA?

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