Speaking in Tongues (Audio)

Has your arrogance deafened?

I am in no need of company

Conversation will not save me

If I want to destroy myself I will

Even paper slippers are dangerous

In the clutch of my murderous hands


I watch your head bobbing

As if it had been mistaken

For an apple and you gesturing wildly

In an attempt to restore it unblemished

I wonder at the contents of your throat

If you are filled only with water

And simmering exiguous anecdotes


I don’t believe you’ve ever spoken to me

Not as you are beneath your false face

The stories don’t even belong to you

So how could they possibly comfort me?

If I could talk away my pain

I would have done it by now

I talk quite a lot you see

Sometimes I even remove the censor

The mendacious proof of my sanity

And let my words scatter as wreckage

To hell with common sense

I am too poor to rely on pleasantries

Too poor and too tired to remember

Which way is up and which way is down


I am an eccentric

But I don’t, as you might imagine,

Do anything particular unusual

I have my tea the same as anyone

It’s all very civilized except that I don’t sip

No, I gulp it all down letting it burn the skin

Off my pink tongue, the one that deceives

You know the tongue I speak of

The one that is hollow at its core

The one which prophecies doom

The one that promised I’d be dead soon

It does have a flair for the dramatic

I keep it sealed in brine now, like a pickle


I’ve a new tongue these days

I borrowed it from an old shoe

It doesn’t recognize my voice

Lodged there behind my teeth

Jabbering on and on

About who knows what

What a useless thing it is!

But it saves me the trouble

Of making small talk

And I hear that it can be

Quite entertaining at times


I have no use for secrets

Secrets are just lies

Laid out in pine boxes

Corpses, these lies will

Infect me with their brain hunger

With their stumbling vacancies

I would rather be crazy

Than a Zombie

If I’m crazy at least

I can stay indoors


Audio (read by me)


On another note I have published my first book which you can check out here


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