Tear it with my Teeth (Toof!)



skater Image
K. Shawn Edgar (2012)

Tear it with my Teeth




Cars stall,

trees fall,

knives lose their edge.


It’s like that,

the bag remains closed,

no go,

no flow;

the contents sealed in plastic,

as if universal truth

veiled in space-time folds

could be knowable with scissors.


Lost in the old house of broken relationships,

trapped by the fate of angles,

stuck at the back of a kitchen drawer;

damn cheap pressboard and staples,

when one needs metal cutters, choppers, shears,

mysterious folds of overlapping reality are nothing

compared to ill-fitting tongue-and-groove construction,

with scissors stuck in the small universal gap of regret.


Cars stall,

leaders fall,

people lose their way.


It’s like that,

the bag remains closed;

the chocolate chips no flow,

no go; veiled in the universal space-time folds,

just an elusive desire to commingle ingredients,

sugar and salt, until I tear it with my teeth, and

that bag of chocolate goodness opens.

So I let it flow.


K. Shawn Edgar • Writer • Humorist • Mad AssAssin




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