No Service

Eleven hours on a no-frills airline,
Is a quick non-stop between L.A. and Copenhagen.
Nevertheless, it is a long time to be ignored,
By the confused and overwhelmed attendants,
Attending only to the pre-paid patricians.
This a No Service flight for us invisible plebes.
The in-flight entertainment system is offline.
Though, mercifully, the unappetizing pre-paid meal,
Sours the stomach, canceling the hunger show.
However, thirst performs as scheduled.
There is no comfort, not even for the pre-paid.
They crank the heat due to lack of blankets,
And thirst crescendos to full-blown dehydration.
S.O.S calls to our seats are ignored.
Then, finally, like Oliver Twist,
Begging for another bowl of watery gruel,
We approach the distracted attendant.
“Please, ma’am, might we trouble you,
For a small cup of water?”
It is given, grudgingly, for free.
Though, we would have paid,
All of our combined money for it.


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