Bare me only if to love

If the key let it loosen

These gossamer chains

I will never be a slave

Never divinity, a heart only

Forgive me now the stature

Of this exhibited flesh

The diminutive mouth

The silent throat eroding

Forgive me this exhale

Poised as a dove’s wing

For its abrupt interval

I have distanced my content

Come now or set me free



21 thoughts on “Dove

  1. I don’t know why I can’t get these windows clean
    using only my bare hands
    I keep telling the birds they can’t come in
    that the seeds are in the garden
    and besides
    I’m freezing to death
    who decided that windows were to be washed
    in the nude
    I feel as ridiculous as I look
    It must have been a man
    a woman would never make up something
    this silly
    men wash windows in overalls and caps
    boots and even jackets
    but no
    but women have to be naked all the time
    no wonder we are always coming down with the flu
    as if real women would ever sit this way…my back is killing me
    this is the last time I’m doing it this way and
    I don’t care who likes it
    and I’m using rubber gloves as well
    this is ruining my nails

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