Their monochromatic faces hovered at the store again,

flying like black dragons at a seaside kite festival,

making me wonder why no one ever laughs at them.

Stoic humor is dead, I guess; lost in the bright-siding.

Oolong tea, better served hot, first withers in the sun.

It’s left to oxidize, tortured for taste, and later it’s twisted.

That’s how it is in our stockroom, but we laugh at our ills.

On the floor, we glad-hand our customers without guilt.

Even Mr. Thomson and the Peck family are welcomed.

Then, by lunch time, we’re back laughing straight faced.

We employ the art of Wade clowns and Chekhov plays

to get us through long, dark, boorish days. Fishermen!

We’re trolling the backwashes, waist deep: Set the hooks.

K. Shawn Edgar | Writer | Telepath | Fixed Gear 45×17


3 thoughts on “Wading

  1. “Their monochromatic faces hovered at the store again,

    flying like black dragons at a seaside kite festival”

    Solid, great opening line to a poem. Well done. I really enjoyed reading this as well as your other works. If you don’t mind I would like to feature this poem on my Poetry Corner. I will reblogged it to my blog and hopefully people will come by and speak “mysteries” with you (or at least share some :o).

    Again well done.

    1. Thank you greatly. I appreciate the feature. Right now I have limited Internet access, though that should change soon. And, yes, I’d love it if people spoke in mysteries to me. Talk soon.

  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Good evening peoples from all over the world, surrounding neighborhoods or maybe out of space??
    Any way lol, I would like to welcome you to another segment of Friday Night Poety Corner #44. This week; a great visual, modern voice poem called “Wading” by K. Shawn Edgar will be sure to keep your eyes focus on your screen. Visit the poet’s blog when you get a chance. Very “mysterious” poet :o)

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