safranine-blooded sea creatures

swimming so far away, microscopic.

Do you see the stain as a shallow grave

or think of it as your giant, endless ocean?

Flash to a time when shadows didn’t need

light to exist.

Casters rolled them out like a Yo-Yo,

spreading darkness around on puppet


Pretend like it’s the weekend before

you were scooped, prepped, and dyed;

Swimming in a cool cluster, naïve.

What kind of images were you casting

deep in the refracted light?

Could they have shown a dual future

sliding along below you—parallel,

self taught, self-aware, and emotive—

controlled by forces they might not


Maybe they played a larger scene?

The one that motivates the Casted

to become the Casters.

Eyedropper releases a teardrop-shaped

capsule of familia, still swimming.

And you sigh.

K. Shawn Edgar | Writer | Lounger | Freelance Human




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