Overpass Ceilings

She Materialized from Overpass Ceilings

Pull you out
out of mouths
a mix of sounds
gradually forming
one word to rule
to override motors
to negate their noise
passing outside windows
You’re my new collection
gathered from voices
passing outside windows
Focus on the secret message
coming from daily clatter
Instructions for creation
passing outside windows
I pull you out
out of colors and sound vibrations
out of commonplace mouths
to make a dreamy silhouette
brighter—dancing on crisp coverlets
touchable, tangible, a solidified whisper
out from ears to fingertips and lips
Two lips
passing out from under
these vaulted ceilings
fleshy sounds incubating
tornados into toenails
building up from skin cells
passing outside windows
You accumulate inside
synapse snaps—impulsive glitter
passing outside windows
and there you are
tangled in colors and coverlets
vibrating every follicle
into singular hysteria
inside my window

K. Shawn Edgar | Drugstore Poet | Freelance Humanoid | Gutter Punk


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