Bonfire by the Fifth-Wheel

pic of kshawn with racket
K. Shawn’s ready for Bonfire Battledore!

Bonfire by the Fifth-Wheel

Chrystal Gale drums on Kipper’s shaved head; rhythm of movement

Sixteen paws, rambunctious to the core of their wild kitten hearts,

dance through the tall tan grasses and into the rutted goat tracks

Hurdling the utility-orange extension chords, sixteen paws thrive

Liam is fostering coals from last season’s flame in a dry soup can

Carefully he introduces them to a nest of pinecones and twigs

We count down: five for the nightingale, four for the gargoyle

We cast ashes of our ancestors as Liam stacks the knurled logs up

Three for the toadstool, two for the lamassu, and one for the fire

The chill air puts on a smokey coat, wrapping us in its long scarfs

Sixteen paws under eight sparkles: cats’ eyes reflect new flame’s light

Liam is shadow casting stories on the fifth-wheel’s off-white exterior

a mythical grandeur toned common gray; medium is his co-captain

Its years of dust, pollution and oxidation weaved into the timeless art

the sprouting of symbol from meaning and gesture from understanding

the contagion of comfort from repetition, a comfort from familiarity

Liam’s inoculations, in lofty tones, sooth the beating hearts to silence

K. Shawn Edgar | Salad Slayer | Tower Dweller | Writer of Words


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