Lampyridae with Luminous Spots

On the bed again,
in the soft-hued moonlight,
Sebastian is stretched out three blocks long,
dreaming of the chase,
as Mr. Pants slips seal-like under the covers at my side.

Warm fur,
kneading claws,
I start to teeter and drift off,
flop drop,
toward sleep.

And then you are there,
so softly
flashing shutter frame translucent,
until you solidify
into warm skin and cool breath.

Eyes smiling
with familiar nonverbal truths of us.
You flicker in a green light,
emitting a kiss and a sigh
as my eyelids blink.

Our luciferin becomes oxyluciferin;
winged beetles of grace,
until our organs luminesce
like loving little fireflies
flashing brilliantly, and then
we become whole again.

K. Shawn Edgar | Poet | Tramp | Lurker


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