Trains strain…

Haven’t had much to say, lately.
My life has been taken over by trains.

A train limerick:

I sit on the train everyday.
For hours and hours each way.
I look at my phone,
And wish I was home,
In bed with my fine fiance.

A train haiku:

The train light reveals,
Split seconds of greenish snow.
In the cold black night.

And a poem: The Train Commuter’s Lament:

It’s a kind of limbo,
A bouncy, shaking,
Gentle purgatory.
Appendages grow cold,
From lack of movement.
Mind grows sleepy,
From lack of activity.
Most people doze,
Huddled under their coats.
There’s nothing to see,
Out the windows at night,
But reflections.
Of you and your fellow commuters,
Looking dull and tired.
There’s nothing to do,
But hope it ends swiftly.
Even though, you know it will take,
The same amount of time,
It always has,
Countless times before.

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