Re: Shot of Wheat Grass 1999

pic of this or that wheat grass
“Wheat Grass Buzz” Photo Credit: K. Shawn Edgar

hey liz

well i’m PEACHY
corn still grows in the valley
as usual
life here moves like a one-legged man on a unicycle:
cautious, but with a unique turn and always a bit

wheat grass?
how the hell are you?
must explain sometime
your email reads like insomnia exonerated
up all night, thinking too much, wanting too much
OE computer lab – late night you – mind humming, body buzzing
wheat grass luster
that’s a beautiful postmodern picture
chlorophyll – i see the image; it click-baits me

super green buzz, you humming on a shot or three of wheat grass
postmodern exotic picture: Nude Drinking Wheat Grass
salve for my sore, glitch-focused eyes; my screen-burnt eyes
that image of you, liz
late night computer-aided you, buzzing neon highlights
alone but happy


k. shawn edgar | pole dancer | adult swimmer | chatroom statue


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