All These Marks Are Tongue-In-Cheek Deep

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“Three Points of Regret” by K. Shawn Edgar 2015

O Shoe,
why the skin, the groove, the finger poke in my mind’s
eye? Why you sore knuckle serenade from on high?
Sparklers and plastic crossbows are not genuine self-defense
options. Water-pistol fights are not true protests or love signals
declining, if their beating heart is friendly fire. You fake kill me.
I fake forget.

Love Note Insert: Mih confused when mih waked up and no Toe! But then mih thinked and ‘membered you had ‘pointment! So mih go to my ‘pointments too!! I have cellphone if you need mih[;] I be back labor!

They can take over, it’s for sure. Regrets. The hapless moments break.
I take one normal stride over a five-year square of cracked sidewalk
to this ongoing, blurry freeze-frame hamlet.
Dub post-rock euro-pop and cyberpunk novel quotes, double fisting keyboards.
A Dutch Bros drive-thru with boombox backseat and two jazzed cats;
our culture loves a road trip.

Love Note Insert: Miss you. Jail break soon, beeb. New moon on Monday. New clam on Tuesday. Sweaty palms help remove the wastes. Mih hear your song as mih drive away, mih hopes. Mih sing the lyrics, both parts. Mih and yous. Wake soon, beeb. The Sleepy become the Regretful.

O Shoe,
the lights are blinking unrest. Do without you.
Put feet on floor. Raise eyes to skies. New blue.
That sidewalk square, I think I see its far seam.
Another slab coming into view. Do without you.
Never time at all; more change, less drag.
Today I blink away the flashing Don’t Walk
changing all reds to green, and shake my head
right ’round.

K. Shawn Edgar | Quantum Diplomat | Cat Companion | Headless


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