Swimming in Denial

Yes, it’s an old joke,
You’ve heard it before,
So there’s no harm,
In hearing it,
Just once more.
Denial ain’t just a river,
In Egypt, my friend.
It’s what you swim in,
When relationships end.
She pulled out his heart,
From his ass,
For a start.
Set it on fire,
After ripping apart,
Not his literal heart,
But you know what I mean.
Then she put it back in,
And then did it,
Over and over again.
Their marriage laid waste,
And it’s done, run its course.
And nothing left,
But the taste of divorce,
So bitter, so rotten.
How can everything,
Be forgiven, forgotten?
After selling the house,
And deciding to end it,
He’s taken her back.
How can he defend it?
Oh, he was never abused,
He says, only confused.
Well, jump right in,
Take a swim,
And soon he’ll find,
That he’s drowning,
In denial,
And out of his mind.


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