My story is told;

so go now you,

be vivacious in waking,

be courageous in dreaming,

all the monster’s

mimeographed madness

to you is but harmless cottonwood

drifting on the breeze.



3 thoughts on “Green

  1. You are not dead,

    so I will stay obstinate,

    half awake, a.k.a. sober,

    cowering before a horrible reality:

    I love you,

    but we can not speak

    of this eternity while here,


    in indestructible delusion.

    A game




  2. Love the beasts.

    Forgive the flakes afraid

    to fail you again.

    Love is even failure.

    There is more than this,

    but it is all I can bear.

  3. There is only one thing.
    It contains every atrocity,
    and every beauty.
    Yes you!
    Yes me,
    and the non-begining of every endless nothing.
    Completely shared.
    Completely alone.
    A sacrament:
    Love good Edgar.

    -Son of Jefferson Davis, son of Uther Pendragon, Son of Jesus, Son of Satan.

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