Pray on, everyone.

Pray on, everyone.
As they prey on everyone.
Ask God to make it all okay,
While they’re ripping their own flesh away.
Because God had told them what to do.
The very same God you’re praying to,
To ask for comfort and help from Him.
Should He listen to you or to them?


3 thoughts on “Pray on, everyone.

  1. Please forgive my intrusion, but I hear the pain in your words, and I used to share your sentiments.

    Please consider the possibility that He is you and you are them and She is me is He. Consider that Rambo Christ may be Bhudda. Nothing is ever enough. Consider that we are beyond time, since science posits that matter and emergy are indestructible, then how could information not also be conserved? And what is our consciousness if not information? Therefore consciousness is eternal. Close to infernal. Maddness in prayers, yes. Consider that we are Maddness, and we escape eternity by forgetting enough to be born into each pretend separate self to then play this fucked up game. And still all even here in hell there are kittens. Bless you and may you find grace.

    1. I hear you and concur that consciousness is eternal. I happen to believe that the universe itself is consciousness and that we are a sentient form of it, here to observe and discuss and experiment on ourselves/the universe. I find the Abrahamic idea of God as a kind of wise old bearded man in the sky bestowing rewards on those who properly worship him, and eternal damnation to those to who not, to be extraordinarily simplistic and problematic. God sends a hurricane or a flood or an earthquake in order to “test our faith” and then expects prayers in order to fix the very thing he caused? The idea makes no sense to me. Nature sends us a hurricane and it’s up to us to fix the situation. She created us as evolving and adapting beings. Are we intelligent enough and strong enough to adapt to any catastrophe? My point is that it’s up to us. We have to deal with the consequences of our disasters. No one God is going to help us. We are it. Then again, I suppose if prayer is the mechanism through which you find strength and motivation in yourself, then that’s fine. It just seems odd to pray to the very same being that caused your pain in the first place.

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