Edgar Mercury

Thank you
Wordy giant,
Woody gnat.
Immortal glow
Of scattered soul
Swarms and swims,
Dies and dies again.




Alone in the end
there is no privacy.
Only one mind,
which must love

Better practice death,
and live life alive.

Today at sunset
our crew
just done working together
looked west and beheld
the sun, rays in mist,
casting a shadow upwards
past a lone cumulonimbus could
wearing a dense black crown
that wasn’t there.

Meat Eater

Our eyes? Meat. Eat them and you will find me love blind. Then I will wish for ears where me eyes were.

Stay Awake

A list of things man must to do
To prevent poetic consciousness:





I don’t think these rules apply to women or fir trees.

A wiseman loves aphorisms.
A fool writes them.