The Noise of Anna

Welcome Anna

Anna M. is the latest poet to join Carbon Noise. She hails from a brilliant blog, Chromapoesy. Please make the jump there when you get a free moment.

But first … In her own words:

I’m a painter, writer, photographer, composer, digital artist, and vocalist. My paintings have been exhibited in 26 group shows and 10 solo shows. In June 2011 I founded Chromatopia, LLC, an independent publisher, contemporary art gallery, and record label. As the former Executive Director of The Other Side Arts, a nonprofit community arts center based in Denver and Aurora, I helped bring the arts and art therapy to 65,000 people. I’m passionate about community service and have clocked more than 8,000 volunteer hours and raised over $350,000. My husband, Adrian, and I live in the mountains of Colorado. I have a degree in Biology from Colorado College.

Science of the poesy


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