The Noise of Eva Von Pelt


Eva Von Pelt


photo of Eve Von Pelt
photo by eva von pelt

In her own words:

Really, there was nothing I could do. I fought the good fight long and hard, but in the end there was a dimension inside, one that had been locked away for a lifetime, and she erupted like a volcano in early 2011. Never having written a word of poetry before, I watched in amazement as ink spilled and words flowed like a river, freeing me and letting me explore the unknown spaces of my curiosity.

You see, I like spaces. I like the spaces between rocks and sticks, blood and bone, heart and brain, life and death. I like the spaces nestled within relationships. It’s all these spaces that I write about.

The experience of generosity and support from the global poetry community has enriched me with universal good fortune and unlimited kindness. Since I began writing, the community has bestowed upon me the honor of being featured in various online journals, including Jar of Stars, February 2013, and Half Darkness (Italian haiku translations), April, 2013, as well as receiving several blog awards.

I take inspiration from art, music, history, love, in hopes of always maintaining my sense of curiosity of space.



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