The Noise of Fountains


Poet, Horror Movie Reviewer, and Humorist: Fountains a.k.a. Cheri Anne

Fountains under lights

But first … In her own words:

Born in Boston, MA and raised in Savannah, GA, Cheri Anne’s speech is
divided as well as every other aspect of her outlook. As a trolley
tour guide by day and student/writer by night, her super powers tend
to be most drained. She’s never really understood “courtesy” or
“hospitality” anyway. She lives a double life shrouded by science and
mapped pamphlets where she can only think in verse.

Fountains’ horror movie reviews can be found here at The Sick House.

Fountains’ blog: Stray lower




One thought on “The Noise of Fountains

  1. ….but I looked in this glass to observe thy mystery? I may be in love, with that which your keyboard throws at the other side of this windscreen that allows me to travel within that double world of yours not unlike thousands no doubt.

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