The Noise of Gwen Maddy

AKA Miss Kitten

Pretty pic of Miss Kitten
It’s Miss Kitten’s Visual Noise


Why Miss Kitten?

It’s sort of complicated. I like kittens. Also, it’s
what my dad used to call me when I was a tiny girl, and it
always made me feel all warm inside.

I began writing poetry when I was in high school. After handing in two
pieces as homework, I was amazed to discover several weeks later that
they had been published in the school’s literary magazine. Nobody
bothered to tell me. Not even my English teacher, who submitted them.

Even more weird — I was awarded the English prize for this at
the awards ceremony, which I didn’t bother attending since I thought
there was no way I’d possibly win anything. The next day I was
summoned to the school’s front office (oh shit!) and was handed two
plastic cases containing the awards I’d won. I was well and truly

Then I didn’t write very much for a long time, maybe one or two poems
a year. I studied Humanities and English in college, and while I was
in grad school I tried to teach undergraduates essential rhetorical
and critical thinking skills so they could formulate decent arguments.
My efforts were mostly successful, and I went on to a varied career as
an English teacher. However, all through college and graduate school I
didn’t write any poetry at all since I was far too busy writing
30-page papers and grading five-page English 101 essays.

My first job after college was teaching at an English conversation
school in Japan. I did that for eighteen months. No poetry written.

Then I met a Swede online and did something totally crazy, reckless,
and incredibly stupid: I moved to Sweden. That was when I started
writing poetry again. Japan is too loud, too bright and stimulating,
which is not conducive to poetry writing. Sweden is more
introspective, and often cold and very dark. Perfect for poetry.

And I’ve written a lot of it since I’ve been living here. Everything
from the most lighthearted rhyming verse to free verse pieces from the
darkest black regions of my heart and mind. They eat away at my brain,
like zombies.

I’m looking forward to continuing this exploration here at Carbon Noise.


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