The Noise of Gwenyth

Gwenyth (entwinedprecipice) is a long-time regular contributor to Carbon Noise, and we thank her for it. Thanks, Gwen!

Headshot of contributing poet Gwenyth

Debating Philosophy With You

Frivolous throwing of ideas
at one another
they bounce against
‘what if’
while the rest of the world
works in numbness
and simple acceptance
dealing with whatever comes next
you and I
lying on the gray carpet
staring through the ceiling
ponder reality
the existence of things unseen
what the tangible does for the intangible
and as we debate
maybe you don’t even exist
maybe I don’t either
but in this frivolity
I wouldn’t trade
our possibly-false actuality
for all the pressing realities
in the world


Threading a needle
looping it through the pierced paper
taping the knotted end to the ceiling
folding again
repeated constantly
paper from candy wrappers and algebra assignments
and old quilting thread
reborn into
a flock of hanging cranes
covering his room
happy birthday, baby brother
i gave you the wind


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