The Noise of K Shawn Edgar

•All Day Shred•

At Carbon Noise Poetry I captain a feisty team of fellow writers. Our posts are informed and passionate. My greatest strengths lie in scene setting, descriptive language, and truing a scenario into tantalizing proportions.

Skills: Multimedia and video production — including writing, producing, camera work, and digital editing. Many years of experience in 35mm film and digital photography. I was also a freelance writer for five years through the Portland, Oregon based, Community Newspapers.

Specialties: Digital video editing, graphic design, and photography. My greatest love of all is the art of copyediting and its conjoined sibling, proofreading. The crafty examination of a document, novel, or poem is inthralling work.


kshawn pic
a little back and forth with you
pic of kshawn with racket
K. Shawn’s ready for Battledore!
Silver Sparrow
ride every day
It’s K. Shawn’s Visual Noise


Material burns and cells ignite as people scream down overlong regimes fueled only by pride or greed-power or lazy entitlement of self-possessed brutal men who lack real value and self-confidence so force their fearful weakness on those they were meant to support and to lead while I sit discontent and overwhelmed spewing or drooling or dumping words in the disguise of poetry over the noisy ether. This my voice of moments passing for others striving until dying and I’m as useless as a beakless vulture with an empty stomach and lidless eyes bulging.

Sick Poet

If ever there was a time for the sick poets, it is now.

Too many people inhabit Earth. We need to reduce the population. To tears? To zero? To a 1970’s level? Should we offshore the homeless to the moon Europa? Or a giant space station in orbit? Or perhaps relocate the wealthy to Mars…?

The answer to all of these questions is no. Or, well, maybe. The rich to Mars, anyway. No, it’s no. The answer is no. We need a comprehensive disease, one to affect all people. One to unite them in the close quarters of overpopulation. We need to inflict everyone with the sickness of poetry. Poetry will render every person with the domain of infinite space and time.

Each man, woman, and child a king of infinite space, you ask? Yes, in close quarters. In the beautiful openness of the poetic word and phrase. Yes, in Hamlet’s metaphoric nutshell, humans may survive the future.

All Day Shred

23 thoughts on “The Noise of K Shawn Edgar

  1. hey there, I can’t seem to locate your stuff for some reason! Would love to read you somehow.
    Thanks for your visits and comments, they are very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Aynsley! Your words are like riding a fast train through Japan; I hope to look over and see you sitting near me in a window seat. I appreciate your visits and feedback. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Gwenyth, glad you’re interested. Truthfully, I won’t accept work from just anyone because I want to craft an interesting and meaningful lineup, and that requires some overlording on my part. But, that said, I’d absolutely love to use pretty much anything you’d like to contribute. Thanks!

    1. Marian, hey how are you? I haven’t seen or felt your presence here at Carbon Noise for awhile. Please come around soon. And to read this, you’ll have to visit … so… 🙂

    1. Thank you. I will try my best to keep it going that way. We aim to put the bad in badass 🙂 As a reader, you are an important term in our equation — so read hard! Thanks.

  2. Hello Mr. kshawnedgar!,

    forgive me for using comments on ‘about’ on your blog – I NEVER do, except for the people I would like to feature on the ‘Ten of the Best’ Blog. Please remove this from your comments after you’ve read it!

    The reason I write to you, is that we would be very honoured to carry your poem ‘RAMISI’ in July’s issue (our very first!) of “Ten of the Best” – short poetry.
    You can find the website here –

    Of course we need your permission to do so, and I hope you will give it to us.
    We have no regulations as far as copyright is concerned, all rights rest with you unconditionally.

    Also, we blog the entire Ten of the Best for the month under it’s own URL and as a grouping so that your poem will not appear with it’s own URL and will form far less than automated searches for duplicated work on the internet require – info for you if you are familiar with the way the internet works.

    This is so that appearing on Ten of the Best does not interfere in anyway how you chose to use the poem – beyond it appearing on your blog as it does.

    If you accept, we would like to know if you have a particular image you would like us to consider with your piece, if we can use what you already have (we will check for copyright issues ourselves so you are not held responsible), or if you’d prefer to see what we think your piece inspires! – with yours definitely, your image will work!

    Also, if you can write a VERY short bio – like 2 lines, in anyway that you want, with whatever information that you would like to give of yourself, for us to tag onto the end of the poem, we would be grateful – along with the website that you’d like readers to be directed to if you feel you would appreciate their direct traffic.

    We very much are of the opinion that your poem is clearly one of Ten of the Best we have seen this month.

    Please let us know as soon as you receive this – we have to be up in a couple of days!

    You can send the info to the submissions page of and we’ll delete as we use it.

    Sent this to the other site too so look out and delete from your comments.

    Hope you are keeping well mister, and onward


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