The Noise of MindLoveMisery


This Gleaming Point of Light is the Lovely and Talented MindLoveMiser.


Universal Poetry Time

pic of MindLoveMisery
Face of MindLoveMisery

I am a 32-year-old living in Sweden with my husband of nearly 13 years and my 5 year old daughter. Mindlovemisery reflects the subjects most extensively explored in my poetry. Mind–philosophy, psychology, mental illness, society Love–loss, unrequited, infatuations and obsessions, sex, true love, new love, relationships of all sorts both dysfunctional and sublime Misery–childhood trauma, Depression, living with Epilepsy, the search for meaning, loneliness, spiritual dilemmas grief, social ineptitude etc. I was a rather peculiar child (if you have read my poetry I am sure you can imagine!) and so I taught myself very early on to read and read everything I could get my hands on romance novels, text books, manuals, porn mags, newspapers, dictionaries, adult fiction, adult non fiction, biographies, mythology, fairy tales, cereal boxes if I could find it I would read it.

Speaking of my peculiarities I used to visit strangers homes and listen to them talk for hours in an effort to better understand human nature (my own nature and feelings). I also used to go on horrendously long walks from dawn to dusk as a child. I didn’t really start writing until it became increasingly part of my school curriculum, until then I acted out all the stories in my head. My first influences were Sylvia Plath, Arthur Rimbaud, and Oscar Wilde (though his influence is not seen so much in my work). Once I started writing I realized how intrinsic it was to my nature.

Being devastatingly shy writing has given me a voice, a means of coherently expressing myself. In school I continued my vicious pursuit of the nature of man and studied psychology, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, religion anything that had to do with the mind, body, or spirit. Jim Carrol is another influence on my work though he came significantly later he is incredibly important.

Aside from poetry, I am very physically active. I dance, weight-lift, do yoga and Pilates, and various other types of cardiovascular activities. I also paint, bake, watch an obscene amount of documentaries, medical programs, and biographies, enjoy the very occasional video game, and eat a lot hence the need for so much exercise! Right now my Epilepsy is uncontrolled and it has kind of put my life in a stand still I have ambitions to travel and to work in the future.



2 thoughts on “The Noise of MindLoveMisery

  1. We are so similar we could be twins. Nay, we could be the same person. From living in Sweden to the epilepsy, there are so many details we share.

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