The Noise of Shelley

Livin’ large on Carbon Noise Poetry: It’s Shelley, a.k.a Whamcity, Bitches! Respect!

WhamCity Bio:

Shelley is a writer, artist, hugger, dog lover, sometime speech
pathologist, sometime caretaker, early-week crossword solver living in
the forest of Oregon.

Poet Shelley Gaske Image
Shelley's Visual Noise

The Water Becomes Me

Anchovy eyes for alveoli,
Pupils rolling in circles
Breathing in to focus
The water becomes me.
Temperate, tepid, thermal abrasions
Still sting though the culprit has
The water engulfs me.
Veins give sigh, forsaken
To remain while plasma dances
To and fro again.
This is the coffin in me.
Ramparts encircle with little
Reason to leave a beaten
Path familiar.
This water becomes me.


5 thoughts on “The Noise of Shelley

  1. Where is Shelley (WhamCity) now? No one knows. Dropped off the planet like dark matter. If anyone can get Shelley to write and post a new poem, I’ll feature that person on Carbon Noise Poetry and send him or her a signed photo of that’s right … Me. 🙂 Half Naked, Bitches.

    Get Shelley back on Carbon Noise Poetry before the world ends on 11/11/11! And win me!

    K. Shawn Edgar

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